TYREE's Story

My name is Tyree Lewis, and I am the Owner of God or Guns Clothing. I hate to sound cliché, but West Philadelphia is where I was born and raised. I had plenty of good memories there although the area was tough, infested with drugs, and violence was a normal thing to see (if you weren’t experiencing it firsthand).  One thing I learned growing up, is that the choices you make now, will determine your future.

As a youth, my parents had me in church (even sang on the choir) until I was given the option about going. At that time, I decided to hang with my friends, chase girls, and made decisions that could have easily landed me in jail or ended up dead. Around the time when I was 12, I was introduced to one of my brothers that was later gunned down within weeks of that meeting. Sad to say, this type of violence became a trend with several of my loved ones fate ending the same way.

Through all of the drama, I was always encouraged to pray for things to get better, pray for the blessings that have already received and for the ones that’s coming my way. I used to hear all the time, pray for those who sin as they do not know what they do which was crazy to me. When I messed up, I knew exactly what I was doing. Relationship issues, I could try counseling or cheat to fill the void. Money low, I could pray for better finances or do something illegal to get cash. Drama with the guy that I felt disrespected me, I could try to talk with them to get a better understanding or go express my frustrations physically.

I choose not to say what my choices were in the above scenarios, but I will say that what I learned early on in life stayed with me as my future could have been altered in the blink of an eye. Did you take a good look at the logo? If you haven’t noticed, the positives in life represent “God,” while the not so positive choices represent the “Gun.” That said, I ask you, when facing adversity, “Which Is Better Protection, God or Guns?”