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The Meaning Behind God or Guns

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This has been one of the the best quality shirts and hoodies I have purchased in a while. I really value how this company has infused. increase the peace on the street within the branding.

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I love my God or Guns tshirt! Great quality and good fit. I definitely recommend.

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I love my God or Guns attire! The clothes are nice, comfortable, and affordable. The owner is also very personable which is a plus in my book. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to support a small black business.

God Or Guns clothing is one of the best apparel items I ever purchased. Great Quality, Great Design, and most importantly great message behind the brand. God or Guns What's better protection is a tough question but if we all Choose God over Guns the world would be a much more loving ,safer happier place. I love my purchase
Slice Maximus

"Satisfied Customer - Love my T-shirt, great material."